Lighting Consultancy

We not only help you to find more customers or partners across the globe. We will help you to save money while making it.

Lighting Consultancy

Do you need to find a new subcontract partner for e.g. from China or India?

Lighting Consultancy

Is your Luminaire housing, PCB, LED, Driver or Lens price competitive? Need a customized / bespoke quote?

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About us
Our Offering
Our Offering

Lighting market is maturing and getting more competitive than 10-15 years ago. Most of the companies are looking ways to get cost savings and differentiate their product, by adding new product features or by providing other valuable services.

Gold mine seems to be UV market right now, but not all companies want to do it. There are easier ways to get more sales, such as lead generation and market expansion.

Fine-tuning current sales processes and streamlining supply chain
is as equally important.

How to do all this?


We help you to
solve various

We independently help organizations to reimagine their customer experience, services and give all our clients fresh perspectives to improve business and operations.

We don’t compromise on quality in our services. All our projects are well planned, create results which are measurable and provide clear initiatives that leaves smile on your face.

Customer Acquisition and Lead Generation (SEO)
Market Expansion
Technical Consultancy
Subcontracting and Cost reduction
Sales Agency
Competitive Analysis
Personal Profile Analysis
Sales process Implementations
Our way of working

Well defined and planned project is halfway done. Our projects always begin by gaining a deep understanding of your business goals, customer needs, surrounding space and team structure.

We meet in person with key stakeholders working in the project to immerse ourselves in your business. We handle all our projects with care as like our own.

Ethics for Will Do It means ensuring our customers and partners the confidentiality and uniqueness of the service they are provided. Our customers and partners are reassured by the fact that the service we provide, will not be shared with 3rd parties.

”We work as an
integrated member
of your organization”

Market Expansion

  • Do you have existing product and would like to enter new market?
  • Have you been thinking about ideal customer profile?
  • Do you need help finding the potential customers?
  • Are you familiar with the price level in the market?

Sales Agency

  • Hire us to promote your product
(Note. Actual process will vary, depending on the service you choose more detailed processes are in each service pages)
Within 24 hours upon receipt of inquiries, we will contact you. Our first priority is making sure we clearly understand your goal and requirements and we will inform you whether the project is feasible for us or not.
We will build proposal for you according to gathered information including price and time schedule.
Once the proposal is approved, we will start implementing the solution according to the agreed time schedule. We will be in contact with you during the process and if we require any additional information, we will call you.

You can be assured that we will not start guessing nor assuming or implementing things by our own.
After project is complete, we will go through the project checklist and make sure all the requirements has been fulfilled. We are satisfied when you are satisfied and we will follow up with you after few months how things are going.

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